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Dongguan Mangrove Arts & Crafts Technology Co., Ltd.

Main business: artificial plants, artificial banyan trees, artificial bamboo, flame retardant leaves, etc.


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6 reasons to choose us

Let you no longer worry about multi-link communication

Focus on the research and development, design and production of simulated plants

Strong design team

  • 1.After development, the company has grown into a simulated greening product manufacturer integrating production, research and development, design and project implementation;
  • 2.Focus on high-quality simulated plants, simulated trees, simulated pillars, simulated potted plants, factory direct sales, no middlemen to make the difference;

Professional design team, innovative style

One-stop service from design, manufacture, production and installation, low cost and high efficiency

  • 1.The products are made of high quality, using multiple color printing, the color is natural, the texture is clear, and the products are all made according to real plants;
  • 2.All kinds of plants for you to choose, product types, high-grade and high-quality materials, no harmful additives, natural environmental protection and no pollution;
  • 3.Focus on high-grade and high-quality simulated plants, simulated trees, simulated potted plants, and large-scale simulated garden landscapes;

Company management purpose and enterprise management culture

Provide personalized service

  • 1.Our cooperation with customers is not about short-term interests, but to win common progress with quality! Sincerely hope to go hand in hand with you;
  • 2.We firmly believe that excellent service quality and good customer relationship are the foundation of the company's survival and development;

Reliable quality, excellent performance, professional quality

Raw materials determine quality products

  • 1.It is not about short-term interests, but to win common progress with quality!
  • 2.The company will work hard to provide customers with more satisfactory products and services!

Has a group of high-quality engineering and technical personnel

Provide you with professional services

  • 1.Perfect quality and production standards
  • 2.Personnel come with certificates to ensure product quality
  • 3.Professional production team, fast and on-time delivery

Good after-sales service, relieve your worries

Pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale

  • 1.Professional after-sales, dedicated service, let you buy our products with peace of mind, because we have perfect after-sales service
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Long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises and companies to create the best office environment

[field:companyname] Dongguan Mangrove Arts Crafts Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant state departments. All its related products are named "Mangrove". "Mangrove" products appeared in Beijing Yuquanying and Laitai flower markets in 1998. They are oriented to the whole country and provide all kinds of artificial trees and semi-finished semi-finished products of high-simulation green plants mainly based on artificial bamboos for merchants in various large and small markets across the country. Site, design and manufacture indoor and outdoor beautification sets, landscaping construction, and have the ability to process appearance. After 15 years, it has provided various public places and private villas and film and television backgrounds such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, conference exhibition halls, bars, clubs, business parks, factory offices, fitness center
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    The artificial banyan tree mainly uses artificial plant varieties made of different materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic resin and cement. Depending on the size of the banyan tree and the m..
    It is believed that many friends are familiar with this mock tree. In recent years, as a new material for landscape architecture, simulated trees have been paid more and more attention and favor by peo..
  • 2022-05-26
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    Although the splendor and solemnity of lotus flowers are always desirable, real flowers need sufficient time and patience to cultivate carefully, otherwise it will be difficult to see the effect you wa..
    We all know that coconut plants are a very unique plant in the plant kingdom. Its stems are cylindrical, and the leaves grow on the top of the stems, with a distinctive shape. The leaves of the coconut..

High-quality simulated plant service provider

Years of experience in the simulated plant industry, leading brand in the industry

Thank you for your interest in mangroves,
If you are interested in cooperation, please call for consultation or leave a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible, and are willing to provide you with sincere service, thank you!

  • 18676960886
  • 18676960886Miss Ding
  • 326390745
  • 2nd Floor, No. 558, Baoshi Road, Qishi Town, Dongguan City
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    Dongguan Mangrove Arts & Crafts Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of artificial plants, artificial bamboo and flame retardant leaves. The company provides high-quality services. Welcome to inquire: 18676960886

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