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Commercial use of simulated plant walls

source: time:2022-05-26

The application of simulated green walls is the most popular in recent years, especially in commercial applications. What is the so-called commercial application?
Commercial applications for simulating plant walls include shopping malls, shops, restaurants, cafes, offices and other places. These places mainly use simulated plant walls to make landscapes to arouse the interest of consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. Commercial spaces are the best places to simulate plant walls.
With the rapid development of business, an inch of land is an inch of gold. Other materials that require a larger footprint are not suitable for the development of today's commercial landscape. Simulated plant walls are different. It does not need to take up a large area of space, just a wall. Wall decoration is the most suitable space for the whole space to meet the needs of consumers.

Although the plant wall is suitable for commercial landscaping, it should also pay attention to reasonable coordination and matching in decoration, and should be in harmony with the environment. If you install it at will, not only can it not achieve the effect of landscaping, but it will disturb the color of the space and cause confusion. A good way is to make the wall that simulates a plant wall primary and secondary, especially when there are exhibits or items in the space, the simulated plant wall plays the role of the opposite

Several benefits of simulated plant walls:
1. The simulated plant wall has strong plasticity and good decorative effect, whether it is indoor or outdoor, or in the cold winter. to a good decorative effect. Products are made of environmentally friendly materials. There are a variety of materials to choose from, and the colors can be freely matched. It does not need to think of plant growth and climate as a wall of plants. factor. According to the atmosphere of the site, it can be flexibly combined with the plant wall, it can be well decorated and create a warm environment, and it can also make people relax inside.
2. The simulated factory wall is very practical, the raw materials used are durable materials, and the service life is longer. If used outdoors, only simple maintenance can guarantee the durability of its effect. There is no need for sunlight and rain maintenance, even in underground shopping malls or bars. Although many decorations can play a certain decorative effect, the long-term effect of simulated plants does not work. If used indoors, as long as it is a frequently purchased product, it will not fade in a few years.
3. The construction of the simulation device is simple. Simply attach the frame of the plant wall to the wall with planks or wire mesh, hooks or grow bags depending on the size of the plant product, and sew the simulated plant product together. In order to facilitate installation, the seam width is generally 1 meter. Finally, the plants can be freely matched according to their own preferences. Thickness and sparseness of plants can be assigned and needs to be taken care of. It is a kind of button between products, one side is convex and the other side is concave. The stitching is done to keep it in the same direction so it doesn't come off easily or affect the look.

On this basis, the simulated plant wall has the advantages of environmental protection, odorless, easy care, outstanding display effect, simple structure, no fading, no withering, etc. , It has been widely used in shopping mall decoration, hotel bar, coffee shop, office environment and other fields. It is an ideal choice for people to decorate life, decorate and beautify the environment.

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