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Main business: artificial plants, artificial banyan trees, artificial bamboo, flame retardant leaves, etc.


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Dongguan Mangrove Arts & Crafts Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant state departments. All its related products are named "Mangrove".
"Mangrove" products appeared in Beijing Yuquanying and Laitai flower markets in 1998. They are oriented to the whole country and provide all kinds of artificial trees and semi-finished semi-finished products of high-simulation green plants mainly based on artificial bamboos for merchants in various large and small markets across the country. Site, design and manufacture indoor and outdoor beautification sets, landscaping construction, and have the ability to process appearance.

After 15 years, it has provided various public places and private villas and film and television backgrounds such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, conference exhibition halls, bars, clubs, business parks, factory offices, fitness centers, libraries, real estate sales centers, etc. Set, large and small schools and colleges indoor and outdoor, design and manufacture various forms of simulation bamboo simulation products.

The imitation leaf material is realistic in color, the shape should match and exceed the beautification requirements of the merchants, it is beautiful and generous, and the products at the same price are cost-effective, fashionable and durable, which are affirmed by new and old users, and long-term cooperation can be maintained and developed.

"Mangrove" products are all from Dongguan, Guangdong, the artificial plant processing base, and are produced by Mangrove Company (factory - Zhongshu Gao Simulation Technology Factory). The factory has introduced advanced equipment and processing technology from Taiwan, and has sufficient productivity and accumulated technology over the years Experience support. The current product technology has reached a high level in the domestic industry.
At present, the current fidelity palm palm leaves and plastic series simulation products, such as: bamboo leaves, ficus leaves, French ficus, art fruit leaves, tea leaves, bean flower leaves, duck leaves, ginkgo leaves, iron trees, evergreen, grapevines, olive leaves, All kinds of simulated plant products such as palmetto leaves, banana leaves, etc. are complete.

In addition, in the landscape engineering, the production method of large trees with ancient banyan trees and coconut trees as landscaping has been researched and developed to achieve an advanced technical level, which greatly saves construction time on the premise of ensuring a high degree of simulation. With excellent quality, honesty, and efficient service, we will serve dealers and end customers around the world. "Mangrove" promises that this product has quality problems caused by non-human factors, and guarantees replacement and refund. Establishing the reputation of the "Mangrove" trademark is our company's eternal business philosophy, with the aim of winning the trust of our customers.

In order to facilitate business development, we are now opening wholesale online sales on the Alibaba trading platform website. Welcome new and old customers to inquire, see samples and visit.

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Dongguan Mangrove Arts & Crafts Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of artificial plants, artificial bamboo and flame retardant leaves. The company provides high-quality services. Welcome to inquire: 18676960886

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